John Mitchell Haulage

John Mitchell started back in 1956 with a single vehicle. The founder’s son Iain Mitchell is now at the helm as the Managing Director, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the company, running 122 vehicles and employing 130 drivers. The challenge for the business is to deliver outstanding value and service for customers whilst minimising operational costs and improving safety.

The company must provide the very best customer service in order to maintain its leading position in the market, whilst keeping costs to a minimum in an industry where profit margins are notoriously slim. MAN Fleet Management has helped it to deliver a large degree of control for the business which has in turn resulted in a financial benefit. The fleet has reduced accident rates, in turn reducing insurance costs.

Angela Martin, John Mitchell Administration Supervisor: “It’s a very straight forward system to use. We’ve got the A to G reports which show you how the drivers are performing. The drivers are quite keen on it – just to see how much of a good driver they are. You do have them on the phone: how am I doing? Am I doing well this month?.”

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