MAN | FittoGo

L_Service_4C_posMake managing your fleet effective and easy with MAN | FittoGo

MAN | FittoGo features a range of modules, all designed to maximise return-on-investment from your fleet:

  • MAN | Ecostyle to provide information about how safely and economically your fleet is being driven
  • MAN | Track to give you location information
  • MAN | Check to proactively monitor the health of your vehicle.

With this set of options at your disposal, you can take advantage of best of breed technology to deliver a range of benefits across the fleet.

MAN | Check

The MAN | Check diagnostics package ensures that vehicles spend much more time out on the roads earning operators money and much less downtime in the workshop costing them money.

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MAN | Ecostyle

Encourage economical driving with MAN | Ecostyle A-G performance bands and show in pounds and pence the savings you and your drivers are making.

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MAN | Track

Locate your fleet with MAN | Track and playback journeys wherever they may be using our user friendly map and interface.

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Typical Benefits

  • Take control of your fuel consumption
  • Cut fuel costs and reduce emissions
  • Gain accurate visibility of your fleet
  • Maximise productivity
  • Promote safe driving
  • Improve safety
  • Maximise operational efficiency
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