MAN | Check

L_Service_4C_posThe MAN | Check diagnostics package ensures that vehicles spend much more time out on the roads earning operators money and much less downtime in the workshop costing them money.

One of the key advantages of telematics-based monitoring is that it provides an early warning system both for operators and the workshop that something may be amiss with the vehicle. The ability to know exactly what’s wrong with the vehicle when it comes in for a service or inspection, enables all work to be done at once without the need for a second visit – from having the right parts available to ensuring that the vehicle is allocated to a technician with the right skill levels.

Downtime can be minimised even after the vehicle has arrived at the workshop for a routine safety inspection. The technician can plug in the diagnostic tool to view the list of faults recorded on the vehicle.   If fixing any of those faults is safety-critical or likely to affect the efficient running of the vehicle, the workshop can quickly notify the operator who can take the decision to leave the vehicle with the dealer for longer while the faults are rectified or, if the vehicle is required back in service, schedule the work for another date.