Remote Digital Tachograph Download

MAN-remote-digi-tacho-page-img-450x450Efficiently Collect Tachograph Data

Remote Digital Tachograph Download makes life easier for management and drivers alike, by removing the administration of manually collecting tacho data. The module allows tachograph information to be collected on a regular basis, wherever the vehicle is located, and securely submits it to your tachograph analysis provider.

The Digital Tachograph Download module has been designed to reduce administration and lost time involved in the collection and management of tachograph data.

The product allows data to be automatically obtained while vehicles are out on the road, removing the need for the driver to present their card at a depot or for the periodic manual downlading of VU data using a USB stick which is often time consuming and difficult with vehicles being on the road or remotely located.

Once data is downloaded, it is seamlessly uploaded to the analysis provider of your choice. Driver card data and VU data can be downloaded on-demand or on a scheduled basis, ranging from every day  to an interval that suits your operational needs.