Safety Module

/MAN-safety-page-img-450x450Boost Safety and Cut the Cost of Claims

With safety rightly becoming an ever more important topic for fleet operators, we’ve developed a set of tools to not only reduce the severity and number of accidents, but also reduce the cost impact when claims do have to be made. Claiming quickly and having all of the evidence to hand when a claim does need to be made is essential to making sure costs stay under control.

We have developed the Safety Module to address all of these issues. The option to deploy cameras and an Incident Data Recorder enables a detailed insight into what was happening 30 seconds before and after an incident.

By monitoring the speed, direction, accelerator position, braking, ABS status, gears, cruise control and clutch; a complete overview of what happened immediately before and after an incident happened becomes available. Real-time feedback, through the Driver Feedback Module, of contextual speeding, harsh braking and cornering and rollover alert can also mitigate potentially dangerous driving behaviour as it unfolds and before anything has even occurred.